Joint Research and Publication



Proposed by Prof. (Dr.) S. Sivakumar

Senior Professor,

Indian Law Institute/

Member, 21st Law Commission of India/

Honorary Chairman, Commonwealth Institute of Justice Education and Research (CIJER)

Aim and Scope of proposed Book The rampant spate of disasters is a matter of grave concern. In recent times, the surge in episodes of disaster has only accelerated and turned out to be the major cause of the loss of lives and the substantial destruction of properties. Today, humankind is unusually at risk of various forms of hazards viz., environmental, technological, biological, geological, and hydrometeorological. Exposure to these hazards and enhanced vulnerabilities of many parts of the world has increasingly created more risk and frequencies of disaster in those regions. Asia as a region certainly is facing the wrath of disaster in the most unprecedented manner. The onslaught of phenomena such as earthquakes, loods, droughts, landslides, tsunamis, wildire, and biological hazards coupled with man‐made hazards like industrial accidents, environmental degradation, conlicts, etc., has ‐ in recent times ‐ taken an unprecedented toll on the human lives and resources in this region. Rapid recurrence of these hazards immensely contributes to the derailment of the developmental process and exact a huge economic cost on the country and the society. Asia in particular is uniquely placed when it comes to disaster‐ related losses as disaster pounds with greater frequency and intensity. In recent years many parts of Asia have endured a series of unprecedented catastrophic disasters. This acutely has compounded their pains of poverty and pushed their economy southwards. The recent COVID onslaught has only precipitated exceptional hardships in this region. Disaster ‐ be it caused due to ‐ natural, technological, or biological hazards raises certain serious questions; the most pertinent and compelling being: How we are responding to these spates of extraordinary calamitous events? Coping with disaster entails inter‐alia unambiguous vision, whole‐of‐ society preparedness, a prompt relief mechanism, and a detailed risk reduction approach.

PUBLICATION: The book will be published by a reputed international Publisher.


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