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From Chairman’s Desk

Part of life is understanding that real change and progress comes with dedicated perseverance but also realizing that challenges, obstacles and roadblocks will appear from time to time.

Robert Rivers


To begin, I would want to convey the delight that I feel in noticing the steady growth of CIJER, an institution that has steadfastly remained committed to carry forward valuable research endeavors from the very first day it started working, five years ago. Established under the auspices of Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) and set-up at Lloyd Law College in 2017, the Commonwealth Institute for Justice Education and Research (CIJER) was envisioned as a body catering to wide and intensive research in legal reformations including international, regional, and national policy formulations.

The academic endeavours of the CIJER have contributed much to legal research and innovation developments. It aims to provide a coruscating academic environment to foster interdisciplinary education and research. CIJER has contributed to the field of legal scholarship through a number of books.

Today, CIJER has been able to establish successfully, major global networks, particularly within the purview of SAARC nations, and has functioned as a successful platform for effective interdisciplinary instruction and research in the subject of law. The institute maintains a robust publication schedule for its research publications. The Centre aims to provide intramural training to law undergraduates across all semesters and law programs to conduct effective legal research.

Guided by its objectives, CIJER has been working on various research projects aimed at the legal reformations in the country and influencing policy formulations in the region. It is unwavering in its commitment to carrying out high-quality research and making significant contributions to important aspects of the country’s legal system. As Wiilliam Arthur Ward has aptly quoted, “excellence without effort is as futile as progress without preparation.” Bearing in mind, the future of legal education as envisioned by our mentor, guru, and the doyen of modern legal education of. Prof NR Madhav Menon, CIJER shall keep striving to enhance the standards of the research pedagogy of legal academia.

Thank You,


Prof. (Dr.) S Sivakumar,

Senior Professor, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi

Vice- President, Commonwealth Legal Education Association

Commonwealth Legal Education Association (Asia)

Former Member, Law Commission of India